Wednesday, October 13, 2004

City of God and My Boss's Daughter DVD Reviews

These 2 titles are the best DVDs that I rented in a while. City of God is about growing up in a town in Brazil called "City of God" (in English). The story is of a young guy and his life with gangsters. In this world of crime, he aspires for more in this poor city. It is a violent movie, but has heart. It is a story about brothers, first love, etc. so there is much more going on besides the crime back drop. What is more interesting is that the story is based on a true story. The DVD extra includes a documentary on the state of affairs in a city similar to City of God. It has viewpoints from a cop, a high ranking police official, a working resident of the city, and a gangster. In a nutshell, a city so poor needs organized crime to take care of it and the only way a police force can control millions of poor people is by force. I see a lot of parallels in this in what probably happens here in America. This movie has opened my eyes only because this is a world that I knew nothing about before. You think of Rio De Janeiro and think of it's beaches, ocean and sun, but up in the hills live the people who can only view the ocean from a distance in poverty. Definitely a must see movie. It has internationally garnered awards and great reviews. On a different note is My Boss's Daughter DVD. It is a comedy movie starring Ashton Kutcher of That 70's Show fame. I almost didn't get this movie at Blockbuster. It was a toss up between this and My Baby's Daddy, so I read the reviews on the back of each DVD to compare and I choose My Boss's Daughter. And let me tell you I was not disappointed. There are actually a lot of funny moments and great comedic co-stars like Andy Richter and Molly Shannon from Saturday Night Live plus other actors I've not recognized. Aston plays a character that wants to go out with the Boss' Daughter but aftter a misunderstanding, Ashon's night seems to get worse by the moment. I didn't want to reveal too much but through much of the movie I was cracking up out loud. Great characters and funny dialogue.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

IKEA for breakfast?

I am the absolute IKEA fan. High design and low cost are great goals in a company. Today (Sunday), I had the urge to go out for breakfast so I jokingly suggested to Nich that we go to IKEA (what other furniture store has a restaurant?). She was all into it so I said let's go. We leave after 10 am hoping to still catch breakfast. I've always wanted to try the Swedish breakfast items (I have an adventurous appetite. We drive to East Palo Alto fast, get in the parking lot and run inside. We see a sign for breakfast ending at 11 am so we hurry to get the elevator that goes up to the cafeteria. They are a few people in line and about 30 other people dining with my same breakfast idea. I was hoping to see different Swedish breakfast selections but instead it is just the $1.99 special consisting of eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns, pancakes with lingon berry jam and a drink. I get coffee. Nich gets the lingonberry drink from the soda fountain. We also order extra sausage for the kids. Since I didn't see a breakfast menu, I ask the cashier if there is another special. She says that is the only one and is a good deal for $1.99. I said, "I know, but I thought there was a more Swedish breakfast offered'? The lady tells me that usually they have Swedish pancakes but they ran out and also offer (sounded like) Petty fors? but not on today's menu. I'm dissapointed slightly but too hungry to have it bother me. Note to self: getting the side of (3) sausages for the kids was $.99, better off ordering the breakfast special next time. The food was a little bland but I'm sure that is to satisfy all customer so I added a little salt and pepper and luckily butter and jam were included on the plate. I wish they had tabasco sauce. The eggs looked hella fluffy. Nich thought they were made from powdered eggs. I don't know about that, real eggs seem cheap enough- but I ate hers too. We sat in the kids area and let Gmar and Emar run around. I really couldn't relax with them running around the dining area. As usual when we go out with the twins, I had to eat as fast as I could.