Friday, March 04, 2005

Acupuncture Session 4

Part 4 of my 5 part investigation in to the world of Acupuncture. Brief intro, I got ailments that Western Medicine wasn't handling so I thought I'd try an alternative. I paid for 5 sessions at an Acupuncture School and after that I get a re-exam. Let's see what happens if anything in this bloggy diary of the details. Please read the earlier parts of the series to get the gist of it all.

My fourth session starts as usual, seeing an intern for questions and vitals. This time I get 2 interns. One observing the other, I guess. The main intern Doctor is the guy I think I had last week. The observing intern speaks english with no accent. I almost thought he looked like he could be Mexican but then he spoke Chinese to the main intern doc, so I don't know. The main doc dude looked a lot shorter in the reflection of the picture frame where I think I saw him last week. He was poking needles in me from behind so I didn't really see him. He asks me how I'm doing. I tell him, "The same". I say I still have some pains. Both intern docs look at my tongue and each doc takes a pulse off each of my hands. Kinda weird. I guess so they can compare results. The main intern Doc actually redoes my pulse then uses his watch to time something.Unusual because this is the first time here that I've seen a pulse done with a watch. Normally I thought they checked pressure and strength of the pulse, not the beat count.

I'm next led to a therapy room, they leave and I take off with my outer clothes. Same routine as last, I lay on my side, face to wall. This exam room doesn't have a picture frame or anything I can get reflections off of. So when the docs return, I know both interns and the supervising doc are there. But as they start needling me, I have no idea who does what. An intern could probably even leave the room without me knowing. They all work quick as a team, dabbing alcohol, fingering the accupuncture points, and speaking low in Chinese. I close my eyes most of the time and try to distract myself from the needle poking. They put 2 more needles in me than last week into my back. So 8 total in my back along the spine. I don't think they did my shoulders. 2 in my knees. And 1 needle in the top of my head. The Supervising doc does that one and thankfully she is gentle. I can't tell you how the feeling is of the anticipation and the actual pain of a needle being flicked in to you. I guess you have to just experience it yourself. And when it goes in pretty painless, I can breathe out in relief. The docs left and I was in the heat lamp for a while. I'm checked on frequently. My right shoulder is very uncomfortable with all my weight on it. I try to adjust and want to move my legs too, but I don't want to upset the needles. I notice they shake when I move. Doesn't seem like a good thing. And maybe I'm nuts but the needles seem to heat up in the heat lamp and I can really feel them, like hot pokers. When the main intern doc comes back, he gives me my most thorough massage that I've been given here. Seems kinda inaccurate though because I am still on my side and how much is he getting my right shoulder, because it seems kinda crammed at that angle. He shakes around my shoulders and pats my back area in like a circular pattern all through a heated towel. I like it, I think it loosens my back up. My session is over and I put my clothes on and take off.

I wonder what after effects I may feel through the rest of the day. Tiredness and soreness seem to be common for me. But this time I get none of that. I just feel normally like I do any other time. I definitely was tired and sore the first few sessions, but with this week and last week probably less. I keep an open mind that Acupuncture will do something for me and help me, but today's effects are nil. Next week, if all goes well, is my conclusion and final thoughts.