Saturday, August 28, 2004

Fryday of fried prawns

Blogs. What did I do today? Nothing much. It was hot. I took the kids to the park for like 30 minutes. HP released a bunch of products today and I had my hand in participating. I drew an illustration for the employee website announcing the news this week. Gil, my art director emailed me the final image today. It was cool to see it in it's final version. I put a lot of effort in that illustration. My friend, Erik said it was my best drawing out of the other illustrations I've done.

It seems everytime I get an illustration job, I get on the web trying to spend the money. I need new shoes. My Adidas Superstars are peeling apart. I also want to buy art, books, or toys, then I think to myself I don't need them. Basically talked myself out of it. I did subscribe to Computer Art magazine today. It is a magazine from the U.K. I don't think there is a better graphic design/art mag around. I am excited to get the first issue.

So tonight we had fried prawns & fried rice for dinner with the in-laws. It was basically a fryday. hah. Nichole and I tried to finish watching the Triplets of Belleville. It is so far a great movie. 2 Academy award nominations. The animation is incredible. It looks somewhat European comic artist with computer animation. Nichole fell asleep on the couch like she always does so I tried to figure out how the DVD recorder works. It works but something with the setup makes the sound and audio quality low for some reason.

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