Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Buyer Beware #3 /

Straight Up I email them and ask if they sell burned CD copies or do they sell the actual DJ issued releases because I've gotten CD copies before. The guy, Big Mike emails me and says they only sell the originals. Guess what? After spending $40 bucks with them, what do I get in the mail? Burned copies with cheap labels. The CD inserts are even cut the wrong size and keep slipping out of the CD case. Tell me, have you ever bought a CD and the the insert keeps slipping out of the case? I don't think so. I found these guys while searching for the cheapest priced mixtapes and I tell you, now you know why they are cheap. Anyways, Mike Paypals me back the refund but then I have to pay the PayPal fee to accept it. Oh well, I've learned that the Santa Clara County Consumer Protection Unit wouldn't do crap about it. These mixtape burning fools are the worse because it's like they're printing money. DO NOT BUY from them because for a dollar or so more you might as well get the limited-made original made from the DJ's master.

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