Monday, February 14, 2005

Lee's Sandwiches, Vietnamese Sandwiches

They have about 50 Lee's Sandwiches shops around the United States. They have all seemed to spring up within the last year. Like one grand opening a month. The difference with this chain than like Subway is Lee's serves Vietnamese sandwiches. My friend Erik and I used to get this type of sandwich downtown decades ago for like .75 cents to a dollar each. Sometimes buy one get one free too. Thing was the meat was a mystery. Sometimes it was white loaf or super fatty unidentified ham type. Especially since you don't ask, they just gave you whatever. But every sandwich would have fresh baked french bread, fresh vegetables and pate. Very unique. And most of all very cheap eats. This Lee's chain has gotten smart since those days. All the meats are pretty much identified catering to non vietnamese and this chain caters even more so with typical turkey & cheese american type sandwiches on the menu also. Sure you can still get an avocado shake here too so don't get me wrong, it is a American friendly Vietnamese eating. Since finding out they built a shop by my house. I go like every week. Gone is the pate on the grilled chicken sandwich ($2) and the bread is not toasted warm and crispy before each order like I was used to. But otherwise a great, inexpensive sandwich. They have eggrolls and fried bananas in the heated glass case too. And I've noticed if you go to a different location they may have other totally different fried things. This last time I went, I thought I'd be adventurous and get the Combination sandwich ($2.50) which looks like the classic I used to get years ago. Surprisingly it had pate. Wasn't flavorful though. The meat was a red fatty, rubbery slice with pepper corns in it. The meat not was generous, just enough to taste in each bite. But why was it .50 cents more than the chicken? Maybe pate boosts the price. Not too disgusting but I was hoping for combination of different meats. Yeah, maybe it was. Overall Lee's is a great tasting adventure to me.

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