Monday, February 14, 2005

Tips on Shoplifting 2

Nich had the kids with her at play group so I had nothing to do on a late morning Friday. I go to Tower (Records). As I was about to walk into the store, I see an older guy, graying beard with a heavy type ski jacket go in ahead of me. Nothing particularly special about the guy. I got a lot of time to kill so I figure I will hang out and look at EVERYTHNG+ books, magazines, toys, etc. As I was looking at the dumb stuff in the clearance box. I noticed the bearded guy had a 2 way radio go off and he talked to someone in Spanish. Nothing weird about that, I figure the guy works down the street and someone is looking for him. Work is a common usage I know with 2way radios. I look at all the action figures along the toy racks along the store's walls. I see the bearded guy walk by. He has a pack of blank CDs. There are really not a lot of people in the store. I go over to the listening areas to hear some new music CDs. I see beard guy carrying no items now. Weird. Stands out to me because: A) 2 way radio B) Carrying items, then not carrying items. I think the guy is security. 2way radios were common security use when I was working at an amusement park. I remember this undercover security guy used to hold his radio in a small plastic store bag. This bearded guy just keeps it in the pocket of his heavy jacket. Also I know Tower has undercover security, one time I saw a guy that appeared to be shopping and a Tower employee was talking to him like he knew him, plus that guy had a radio too. Dead giveaway dude. So I am at a listening station and bearded guy is like 2 racks away from me standing reading a magazine. Reading a magazine in the middle of CD aisles. Pretty random spot to read a magazine. The guy never looks at me though. I listen to 3 CDs. It takes a long time to find the hit song and hear the chorus and figure out if the album is good, but that guy is still there at the same rack reading and never looking at me. I wonder if I am a target because my back is facing the employees at the register and my body is against the listening booth. Guess I can unwrap a CD and put in my pants this way. I mean, I don't know, why else is that beard guy sweating me. Well I am bored with listening to CDs. I figure I'll look at magazines next. But then I think I should go somewhere else to see if the guy follows me. I said whatever and went to magazines anyways. I am a magazine design nut so I like to look at every magazine at every section. I start at the beginning on the left side then lo and behold bearded guy is at the magazines, middle of the racks. Of course now he is holding a music CD. I notice employees walk by him and not say anything so I figure these Tower employees are smart, not reacting to the guy. Eventually I get to the middle of the magazine racks about the same time more people are looking at magazines. As I walk past the supposed guard, he looks at me as I pass by. I was into some music magazine and finished when I look up and noticed all the other shoppers were gone. Even the guard dude. So I put the mag away and get ready to leave and notice an Asian dude was kinda standing behind me reading a magazine, wearing a thick ski type jacket. I am out of there!

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