Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Great Ideas come in a great while

One day while at work, when I used to work. I got some client artwork from Ihop Pancakes. It included a company logo. I digitally played around with the letters of the logo and made it say "Hip Hop" restaurants as opposed to Ihop Restaurants. So I refine the logo until I make a killer parody design and I think this will make a great like novelty shirt. But first I look up on Google to see if nothing like it is made or if an actually Hip Hop restaurant exists. It doesn't appear to be. I actually upload the design to a website where they make t-shirts to order. I worry about giving the design up that easily to a company that takes a big piece of the pie. Plus I worried about their quality and copyrights, etc. So I don't do anything with the design and I put the whole thing in the back of my mind on what to do with it. Years later, someone else (unrelated to me) has the same idea and actually makes a t-shirt. See pic. Lesson learned? No. It is a cool idea but I still wouldn't have done anything with it. It may be the fifty dollar idea but not the million dollar idea. Well, unless Justin Timberlake or someone started wearing this shirt. Boy, it sure helps that this design guy has babes to wear his shirts. Anyways, my design looked just like this one but I made it years ago. Oh well, figure your own lesson to the story.

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