Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brown people get burned.

The temperature has been hitting our summer's highest. We spontaneously decided to drive to Santa Cruz Beach. We are lucky to live about a half hour away from the ocean. All we pack are like beach towels and baby stuff. We plan to buy everything else we need. Because that's how we roll. So we're at the beach, we got a great spot in the sun a few feet from the waves. The air is so cool, we're not even bothered by the beating sun. Since I am a brown dude, of course I don't use sunscreen. I've never had to use it in my life. Well, the next day I notice I am a little red. And I actually sting when I lean back on a chair or put on a shirt. And within the next few days I notice I itch and I peel. See pics. Yes, brown people do get burned. I should mention I haven't been in the sun a long while so I probably was senisitve due to being yellow. NAAAASTY, huh? So brown people, this summer, break out the lotion - you may need it.


stack0verflow said...

So, your peeling skin picture along with the weird sandwich makes me very hungry... not! Hmmm, I really do miss the beach. All we have here is 20% humidity and 102F. Ugh.

Jo said...

That looks painful

yeah it looks nasty