Friday, September 24, 2004

American Idol in Bakersfield

Drove down to Bakersfield to see the American Idol 3 Tour (from Las Vegas). My sister and I had front row center seats. These were the best seats I've ever gotten for a show. I don't know how my sister got them because she literally got them only 2 weeks ago through Ticketmaster. I think some VIPS bailed out so the seats were available because everybody seating in our row had VIP stickers and backstage passes around their necks. The crowd was a real mix of people. You had mostly the young kids and parents, young couples and some older couples making up the audience. I didn't think I was a big American Idol fan, I mean I watched the show and Nich and I voted a few times for fun, but learning that I was going to see the concert, I got really psyched!!! And yes, I had an awesome time. Because what you see on the tv show, you see on stage. You don't see the competitors, you see friends. You rooted for these kids for weeks, you know their life stories, you've seen their families. So seeing them live, it's like you have become a part of their dreams. I mean when you first saw these kids on tv, they were waitresses, cooks, students but now they have hit the big time. They sincerely look happy and appreciative of where they are and I really felt they gave 110% in their performances. My parents and Uncle Ben came with us, which I never thought would happen in my life that my parents would come to a concert with me. But they were sitting about 20 rows behind us so it doesn't really count. It was a family affair mostly because we have a relative on stage. Jasmine Trias, the 3rd runner up in American Idol is somehow our distant cousin. I'm sure she hasn't met any of us before, but her grandparents sent my family pictures when American Idol was on (probably to round up some votes?). So that's my proof.

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