Monday, September 13, 2004

Shaolin Soccer DVD review

What happens when an unemployed, ex-soccer star and an unemployed Shaolin Master come together? They decide to form a soccer team! An oddball assortment of Shaolin masters are recruited to be in the team and they must rise against all odds to come together, learn soccer, and compete. The movie was more over the top than I expected. I thought it would be pure kung fu and athletics, but it was more about flaming soccer balls and floating in the air special effects. Nothing wrong with that. I am just not used to seeing such big budget, special effects in Hong Kong movies. Stephen Chows wrote, directed and stars as the Shaolin Master and star player. I believe this movie has earned great reviews and movie awards internationally. I have waited a long time to see this on dvd. The dvd has no special features but contains the US theater and Chinese theater versions. The only difference I've seen is the US version edited a few parts out to make the story flow faster and they took out some gags. Overall the movie is entertaining.

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