Thursday, September 23, 2004

Leaving for Las Vegas

Took a Thurday night flight to Las Vegas from San Jose. My big sister, Joss was having a 40th birthday at my parent's house. With a lechon pig prepared and a Hawaiian type luau catered. I couldn't miss it!! I took a late SouthWest flight leaving San Jose at 9 pm. When I arrived in the airport, the first thing I noticed was a hint of cigarette in the air. I walked fast through baggage claim to get outside to the smell of 4 lanes of exhaust. I endured a long fiasco of trying to find my sis and her friend at the airport, I'll skip the details. They were waiting for me in baggage claim while I was at passenger pick-up on the sidewalk. Literally after 2 hours, we finally met up and went off to Sam's Town Casino to get something to eat. It is like the closest Casino to my parent's house. I ordered the Breakfast Bar for $4.99. I didn't particularly want it but it was the best deal on the menu and I went to Vegas for the deals. Plus my sister, Vegas resident and buffet expert, reiterated the sole benefits of buffets; eat what you want and as much as you want. Hey, you don't have to bend my arm, I'm sold. The Breakfast bar was small and just opened. It was the usual eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, oatmeal, fruits, biscuits. Just normal & not out of the ordinary. No custom made omelettes, pancakes or belgium waffles but I guess that's what you can expect at a midnight buffet. We went to play some penny slot machines. I usually don't like to gamble because I am a big loser, but my sister talked me into having some fun. Now I always thought penny slots were for the cheap people and they never paid off anyways. I mean we're talking pennies. But really they can take your money really fast. You gamble based on line combinations (straight across and zigzag patterns). This ain't the typical 3 in a row stuff. You bet if you want to multiply the value of the lines you're playing (so to multiply your payouts). Doing all this can make it $1.50 a pull. Anyways my sister directed me to a game to try. I don't remember the name. I think it had animated barnyard animals. Anyways, I turned $5 into $25. It happened really fast and I was like wow, so I hit the cash out button, scared to lose it. Meanwhile my sister and her friend were losing money, about $20 - $40 and said hey try something else. I would just watch them play. Joss told me to play the Stripper slot machine. Now don't get excited it is just cartoons and nothing was explicit at all. Joss said, "you got to see the bonus round, it is funny". My sis said $5 may go quick so I put a $10 in. I played it and it was fun. I got up to $37 dollars at my peak and lost all the way down to $12 at my lowest but my average win was at $27. It seemed I could do no wrong. I'd lose a little and win a little but still be around $27. I luckily hit all the little bonuses several times. I was there for what seemed like hours but eventually cashed out at $30 to find my sister. They played for a little while more and we left the casino at about 2:30am. Man, that was late. When we got to my parent's house my mom waited up for us and I got a cold soda. The casinos are so smokey, it made me cough constantly. Being from California, I am not used to smoke indoors. I needed to drink for a while. I finally went to bed at 4 am. Off to American Idol tour in the morning.

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