Monday, September 13, 2004

Interracial Racism

We (me and Nich)had our first encounter with interracial racism on Thursday. Nich and I had our twins at the park playing, I was sitting at the side watching them. I was approached and asked which kid was mine. "Which kid was mine," I thought? "Well both kids are mine," I said defiantly. Why would he think different. He then said, (referring to Nich) "but she's not Chinese". He was not understanding I can have a wife of a different race and we weren't there at the park separately with one kid each. By the way, I am only about one eighth Chinese. I should mention this person doing the questioning was about 7 years old. I told him, noticing he had brothers and sisters (there at the park too), that my two kids were sisters just like he has brothers and sisters. I don't know why I said it, maybe to help him understand you have parents that have kids and we were parents that have kids. It's kinda hard to create a life long lesson for the kid on the spot that rationalizes and make an analogy that he can understand. Well then he said, "You have to be Ethiopian, because Ethiopian is the best!" (he was Ethiopian). He then said to me, "To be Ethiopian, you would have to gain more weight".(??? huh?)

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