Monday, September 13, 2004

Labor Day in San Francisco

Went to San Francisco to hang with my friend, Erik. He lives near the Haight so it is always fun to visit. We checked out The Beautiful Losers show at Yerba Buena Gardens. The show featured KAWS, TWIST, Margaret Kilgallen, Phil Frost,Ed Templeton and many more. There were displays of skateboards, action figures, zines, installations, photos, multimedia, etc. It was great. Also we checked out the Super7 store in Japantown. It is a newly opened store based on the magazine Super7. The magazine is devoted to mostly Japanese Toy Culture and the store has magazines, zines, books,toys and original art. I bought the Super7 magazine with Booska and Gary Baseman on the cover. Gary Baseman is one of my favorite artists. He has done illustrations for Rolling Magazine to animation for Disney. Lately he seems to have entered the fine art world and more recently have been designing collectable toy figures. I also bought "Pencil Fight" - an all art zine published by a cool guy named Bwana Spoons. I did an interview of him in my first zine called "FLICK". This particular issue is the limitedrelease with the signed and numbered silkscreened covers. The zine has plenty of drawings, illustrations, reviews and interviews. I also got a freebie comic called "Reggie 12" based on Ralph Stevenson's (Brian Ralphs) characters that were first seen in Giant Robot magazine. Guest artist in the comic was Martin Cendreda. I interviewed him in my latest zine, "The Collage Dropout". PLUG: To get that zine, hit me up at artchemist (dot) com. That is my website. I don't have a lot of Martin's comix so it is always nice to see his art. Same with Ralph Stevenson. I always look forward to seeing what stuff this guy does next.

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